Monday, July 9, 2012

Simple Tips for a Tidy House from a Professional Organizer!

Keeping a Clutter Free and Kid Friendly Kitchen!
The meals are planned, prepped and served. Lunches are packed and the kids know just where to look for their favorite treats. Our fridges hold the leftovers from the weeks end, invitations to birthday parties and our children’s beautiful works of art. Where else but in the kitchen can you create so many memories, meals and….a mess! Being the center of the household the kitchen can quite honestly become the dumping ground for anything from backpacks to sneakers to mail. Keeping your kitchen clutter free is possible by simply creating zones and boundaries for its use! Here are some simple quick tips to help your kitchen stay de-cluttered from the first meal of the day to the last glass of juice just before bedtime.

Information Central- Creating a Task Center
The kitchen is typically our first stop of the day. Utilize a dry erase board on the fridge, put up a cork board or magnetic calendar and list daily appointments and reminders. This is a great way to stay on track of the week and a great reference point to how busy your week will be. Get the kids involved by having them place stickers on certain activities they are looking forward to, or use the boards as a chore chart. Keeping your board updated is also a great tool to allow children to learn the importance of organization and create a sense of accomplishment once their tasks are completed.
A counter full of clutter and a kitchen table piled high with schoolwork will result in time lost cleaning and searching for things. Create zones throughout your home so that items do not always land in the kitchen. Use the entryway for backpacks and jackets. Have an incoming and outgoing mail zone. Create a storage bin for your child’s school work and have them place their favorites within each folder. By taking the time to place items within their zones and designated areas you will find it to be a big time saver over the course of the week!  

Keep the Fridge and Pantry Tidy
Draw separators, containers and bins work wonders in the fridge and pantry! The idea that you can find items in your kitchen quickly and easily doesn’t have to be a dream. Use an over the door organizer to store anything from bottles to dry goods. To free up space in the cupboards create a snack drawer for the kids and stack canned goods in a magazine file! Use labels where you can as a reminder of the designated spot for items. Always take stock and purge kitchen utensils you may not need!

Good luck and Happy Organizing!

Lauren Silveira resides in Providence, RI with her husband Kevin and 11 year old step daughter Jenna. She currently owns and operates Organized for Life, where she is able to fulfill her passion of allowing others to become organized within all areas of their lives. Check out Lauren’s Organized for Life Facebook Page too!

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